The Head That Wears The Crown

Triana is the newly-declared Crown Princess of the small country of Lorian. When she’s not learning what it takes to be a leader, she spends her time on horseback with Justin, the stable worker with an unexplained past. Two foreign visitors disrupt Triana’s sheltered existence, before a political disaster threatens everything she holds dear. Caught up in a battle for the future of Lorian, Triana must learn what is most important to her, and what she will sacrifice to save it. 

HeadThatWearsCrown copy

The Head That Wears The Crown is a coming-of-age story of love, courage, and the choices that define who we are.

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Praise from readers

In a world of “junk food” fiction, this title feels like a meal at a fancy restaurant, complete with the sophistication and charm that comes with that experience.”

“We need more stories like Triana’s, stories that transform the damsel in distress trope while still relishing in the world of castles and queens.
It is a true delight to get lost in McCaskey’s beautiful dialogue and vibrant descriptions.”

“Captivating storyline, clever descriptions, and elegant writing made the reading experience delightful. I didn’t want to put it down.”