A Novel’s Story- Part 1

Once upon a time I was twelve years old and I started writing a novel. This wasn’t the first time. I was ambitious from age six, and I had notebooks stuffed full of my literary attempts– attempts that usually fizzled out after a chapter, or even after I’d made a detailed list of the characters, their full names, defining characteristics, and physical appearances.

I was as surprised as could be when, the summer I was twelve-almost-thirteen, the story I started just kept on telling itself. It was the most magical summer of my life, and for the first time my dream was coming true. I was writing a novel: a real novel, with chapter after chapter that flowed from my fingers, and characters that enthralled me the more I got acquainted with them. And sure, the plot was full of bits and pieces of other stories that had captivated my imagination, ranging from fairy tales to a children’s radio dramatization of Les Miserables, but to my enchanted senses it was a world entirely new and thrilling. I was discovering it and creating it at the same time. I was intoxicated.

I hastily finished the novel (with a wedding, of course) on my thirteenth birthday, and sat in a daze when I typed the two words I had been aspiring towards for all those years of notebooks and abandoned beginnings– The End.

Little did I know it was just the beginning.


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A Girl Writing, by Henriette Browne

2 thoughts on “A Novel’s Story- Part 1

  1. mphtheatregirl

    Ever since I was a kid, I had this wild imagination and told my family stories. Just never wrote any of the stories down.

    Now- have three WIPS I am working on. Tale of the Cattail Forest is a children’s fantasy. It is about Sparkle, a drawer Fairy Frog, who befriends Marge, a toad. A cycle of friendship begins when Sparkle and Marge try to see if all the Fairy Frogs and Toads become friends. But what happens, when Sarge, Marge’s older cousin, tries to break up and prevent both friendships. This is the main story I am working on at the moment.

    Lizzy the Lizard (a picture book): It is about a Lizard’s adventures outside of her citrus farm after accidentally escaping.

    Greatest Discovery: Six orphans living in NYC gets put on a scavenger hunt T.V. Show. That is a very basic blurb.


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